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CORE Reclamation and Development Group

The CORE Reclamation and Development Group (CORE) is six independent companies with common ownership dedicated to the land redevelopment of old industrial sites and blighted properties. These properties have proven to be dangerous and often life-threatening to the residents of the communities where they reside. CORE believes it is far better to recycle these old properties rather than destroy existing open spaces in order to build tomorrow’s business parks and commercial facilities.

CORE is one of the largest recyclers in Pennsylvania. Many times the redevelopment of these sites involves filling or capping these properties with DEP-approved, benign materials, typically from regional construction projects for grading purposes. Reclaiming and developing land that has been an affliction to communities is the solution whose time has come. Today these sites are being transformed into new industrial and commercial properties, bringing jobs and tax revenues to those communities. CORE Reclamation and Development Group is a leader in this effort.

All properties being developed by CORE are covered by a site-specific environmental insurance policy to cover the transportation, disposal and related costs in the event the PADEP or EPA requires the removal of any imported materials at a site. This type of insurance policy is quite costly and is not mandated by any governing authority but is kept in place by ownership to protect the valuable land assets being created.

Material Solution Services, Inc.

  • Material Solution Services, Inc. (MSS) provides environmental consulting services in the waste and recycling industry for developers, contractors and residential property owners throughout the northeast. With a focus in soils management, MSS employs a staff of environmental professionals with previous regulatory and operational experience, that are perfectly suited to determine the proper recycling and/or disposal options available on a project specific basis.
  • MSS is the exclusive brokerage firm for two construction soil disposal and beneficial reuse facilities in Pennsylvania, Coplay Quarry Reclamation Project (Whitehall, PA) and Capital Development (East Bangor, PA). Further, through contracts and long-standing relationships with alternative disposal facilities throughout the United States, MSS provides customers with the most cost-effective disposal options for fill materials generated during construction activities. As a trailblazer in the commercialized fill industry, MSS maintains an exemplary record for upholding all environmental regulations governing our operations, so customer can dispose of material with peace of mind.
  • The professional staff at MSS reviews, approves and oversees all materials accepted at both exclusive Pennsylvania facilities.
  • MSS additionally offers site characterization and planning, soil sampling, analytical assessment, project management, transportation coordination, on-site management of waste streams, and full-service disposal options for all materials generated on construction project sites.
  • MSS is an A901 Licensed Broker in NJ and is registered by the New York City Business Integrity Commission as a Category 2 Trade Waste Broker for waste disposal in New York City.

Coplay Aggregates, Inc.

  • Coplay Aggregates, Inc. (CAI) is the permitted entity for all activities at the Coplay Quarry Reclamation Project (5101 Beekmantown Road in Whitehall, PA 18052)
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit No. PAC39001
  • General Permit WMGR096-NE005
  • Surface Mining Permit No. 39880302A1C11 and associated NPDES Permit No. PA0225665
  • For more information about the Coplay Quarry Reclamation Project, please view our projects tab.

Valley Industrial Properties, Inc.

  • Valley Industrial Properties, LLC. (VIP) is both the landowner and permittee for all activities at Capital Development (1 Capitol Boulevard in East Bangor, PA 18013).
  • NPDES Permit No. PAD480026
  • NPDES Permit No. PAD480125 and associated Water Obstruction and Encroachment Permit No. E4802220-021
  • For more information about Capital Development, please view our projects tab.

Core Construction & Remediation, Inc.

  • Core Construction and Remediation, Inc. leases various properties from Valley Industrial Properties LLC and Coplay Quarry LLC. It manages and operates both the Coplay Quarry Reclamation Project and Capital Development.

Coplay Quarry LLC (Land Holder)

Portland Properties LLC (Land Holder)